Are we ready for the return of the Tie-Die during this Summer 2017?

We understand very well that the 90s were the favourite decade of the moment, but are we ready to follow all the trends of the time? YES! The last, still not quite mainstream, it’s the tie-die, abbreviation for

tie, twist and dye

Do you know that psychedelic hippie graphic that was very in vogue during the 70s? Behold, it is back. And you either love or hate him, there are no intermediate points. In my case in particular is a passion: in addition to being a fan already as a child, I did textile painting courses and I experienced first this technique. It is a very easy process also to make at home, but I can assure you that is a total disaster stuck with the coloured hands for a week… and it’s so like tie-die disappeared from my life!

After all this time, who would have guessed that for the Summer 2017 and for Autumn Winter 2017/2018 some brands like Preen by Thornthon Bregazzi, Off-White, and Toga reiterated it in many colour palettes? Taking advantage of the fact that it’s still a “news”, it’s time to choose which side you are (IN or OUT?) and if you like it and want to be the first to wear this trend, here’s a little secret: the best places to find apparel dyed so tie-dye are the vintage shops.

I can assure you that there is not one that do not have heads like that and the price will be the best! What do you say? The risk is minimal and you still have time to be the first to wear the trend!


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