How to wear a crop top and dare to be bare belly without losing elegance

Normally we think to show your belly button with a crop top is a bit childish and not at all suitable for most occasions, but we would like to tell you that in 2017, things have changed and it’s time to forget all the prejudices. I mean, if you think that even the Olsen sisters offer it in their collections of The Row,

then you can be sure that even with the bare belly you can be cool without losing elegance

The important thing, as always, is to do well the combinations and bear in mind some advice that will always help:

  1. Combine your top to something deep and feminine: will make you look instantly chic;
  2. When you think of shoes, choose low ones: they are the best alternative to make your casual outfit;
  3. If you do not feel comfortable with the navel discovered do not force the situation. If you want to see a little belly worn high-waisted pants and skirts with a crop top: will allow you to adopt the trend without feeling too nude;
  4. If you prefer your accessories, choose something as small as a pair of earrings: clean up your look, the better!
  5. A trench or blazer are the perfect compliment to a crop top.

In the gallery we propose some ideas to look for different styles, which is your favorite?

The trousers are the most chic!

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