The coolest 5 road trips in Europe!

The Portuguese coast:

Let’s start by saying that Portugal is always a good source of surprises. Our itinerary starts in the North, in Braga, to be precise, and makes its way down to Guimarães and Felgueiras, dotted by charming little villages. After that, it’s Porto’s turn, and time to see Portugal’s beautiful ocean locations: Figuiera da Foz, Peniche, Ericeira are among our favorite places. Later on, this itinerary will take you to the capital, Lisbon, where you absolutely should make time for some sightseeing. If you have more time, make your way to the very south of the country, for some unforgettable landscapes.

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Italy, Sicily:

We were totally overwhelmed, spoilt for choice here. North, south, central Italy: Italy is one of the few European countries that can be easily crossed by car. We chose Sicily, the Mediterranean’s largest island, and believe us: it will be a very satisfactory experience. The itinerary we picked goes from Palermo to Agrigento: start from the regional capital, and travel through some really amazing seaside locations, then drive through Trapani and the Zingaro natural reserve. During your trip, stop by in Marsala, Mazara del Vallo, and to conclude, go to Agrigento, park your car and walk to the Temple Valley: don’t forget your sunscreen, because the sun is very strong here.

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The French Alps:

Too many seaside locations so far? No worries, we thought of those of you who prefer cooler temperatures, too. Our idea here is a trip through the great French Alps, where you will see incredible, unrivaled mountain views. And it’s not just about the mountains and the Alps: while driving along the Route des Grandes Alpes, you will find yourselves driving through 4 different national parks, and across 16 mountain passes. If you want to drive along the entire route, all the way to the end, you will get to Switzerland. If you like motorbikes, this is definitely a route we recommend for riding your motorbike, and fully enjoying postcard-perfect views.

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Eastern Europe:

This is a road trip option that often gets overlooked, but it is in no way less interesting than others — not at all actually. You can decide if you want to start from Romania or from Austria, either way, the route is the same. If you choose this tour, you will be crossing 4 different countries in 10 days: Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria, for a very thorough discovery of the Eastern part of the Old Continent. If you are looking to do something different, definitely follow this tip.

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Who said islands are the only beautiful part of Greece? We managed to come up with a really good itinerary for the mainland, starting from the capital, Athens — worth a tour itself: once you feel like you have soaked up enough culture, you can start driving. You can decide whether you want to drive along Greece’s most ancient highway, which will take you off the beaten track, up the mountains, or make your way to amazing places like Glifada or Lagonisi. Cross the Corinth canal at the end, and make your way to mystical Olympia, a very important place for the Greeks.

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