About The Luce Zuanelli Report

Launched in 2016, The Luce Zuanelli Report is a daily fashion, beauty, and lifestyle destination curated by Luce Zuanelli and her team of editors and stylists. We cover everything from runaway fashion and beauty trends to lifestyle ideas, styling tips and trends guides.

Our goal is to inspire its users and invites them to partecipate in a collective conversation on fashion and beyond.


The aim is to encourage personal expression, inspire and be in turn inspired by the many people who gravitate around our universe, and we do it through content ranging from fashion to beauty tips and travel tips. We are always looking for suggestions and challenges we face, led by Luce, with a smile and always ready to get involved to learn something new.

We have a lot of key values. The main are believing in young talent, properly as Luce, and be always the best version of ourselves to never stop trying new ideas. Share your life with those around use to be inspired and find new inspiration in others because encourage people to express themselves through their personal style.

For us is very important to never feeling trapped in a role, and we would like to help you to not be trapped thanks to the daily tips we will give to you.